01. Make sure you [pour] water over the campfire before going to bed.
02. Make a hole in the middle of your dry ingredients, and then [pour] the milk into the center of it.
03. Thousands of people [poured] into the streets of the capital to celebrate their country's victory in the World Cup.
04. He went into the kitchen and [poured] himself a beer.
05. Beethoven used to [pour] ice water over his head when he sat down to create music, believing it stimulated his brain.
06. We couldn't get the fire going, so we [poured] a bit of gas on the wood.
07. The policeman stopped the young boys, took away their beer and [poured] it on the ground.
08. I spilled some wine on the carpet when I was [pouring] myself a glass of wine.
09. He [poured] himself a drink and sat down in front of the television.
10. Smoke was [pouring] out the windows of the house by the time the fire engine arrived.
11. Tears [poured] down her face as she stood by her husband's grave.
12. Some guy fell and hit his head while skating, and he had a big cut with blood just [pouring] out of it.
13. You'd better take your umbrella with you; it's [pouring] outside.
14. We wanted to go camping, but we couldn't because it [poured] all weekend.
15. The problems in our school system cannot be solved simply by [pouring] more money into the education budget.
16. After the volcano erupted, boiling lava [poured] down the side of the mountain.
17. Industries along the river continue to [pour] dangerous waste into the water.
18. In Japan, it is considered polite if you [pour] your companion's drink.
19. He developed a bad cough and a runny nose after watching the football game in the [pouring] rain.
20. You shouldn't [pour] motor oil into the storm drains on the street because the water there goes into the ocean, and will pollute it.
21. In Italy, some people find it unfeminine for a woman to [pour] wine.
22. I had to ride my bike to school in the [pouring] rain, so I was totally soaked by the time I got home.
23. Refugees from the war torn region have been [pouring] across the border.
24. Congratulations [poured] in from around the world when the President won re-election.
25. Since we started advertising on the Internet, orders have just been [pouring] in.
26. Applications for the position have been [pouring] into the office for days.
27. My little girl is growing up so fast. Today, she insisted on [pouring] her own apple juice and she didn't spill a drop.
28. The fans [poured] into the streets to celebrate their team's victory in the finals.
29. Money to help the victims of the earthquake has been [pouring] into local relief agencies.
30. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said that happiness is a perfume which you cannot [pour] on someone without getting some on yourself.
31. A Chinese proverb suggests that water and words are easy to [pour], but impossible to recover.
32. A Russian proverb notes that giving gifts to the rich is like [pouring] water into the sea.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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